About Us

Dr. Kristen Acesta


Dr. Acesta is a nautropathic physician specializing in chronic illness, physical medicine, and mental/psychological wellbeing.  
She focuses on our foundations of health through the use of movement therapy, diet and lifestyle modifications, ​mindfulness based practices, Rx/herbal/nutrient prescriptions, nutrient & injection therapy, and patient education.  

Courtney Mohr Taylor, LMHC


Courtney is a humanistic therapist who believes that every individual has inherent motivation to fulfill their internal needs and adapt the potential for self-actualization.  Through the application of a person-centered approach, Courtney engages personal growth and the creative process to find a purpose to reach true meaning.  

Charity Berglin, Nutritional Therapist


 Charity uses nutrition to unlock the potential for the human body to heal.  Her focus is in chronic conditions and autoimmune disease.  She compliments Mission Health & Wellness by using a whole foods, plant based approach to functional nutrition.  Melding psychology, experience, and biochemistry, Charity makes eating simple and healthy. 

Keely Murdoch, Botanical Chemist


Keely Murdoch holds her Masters in Science in Biology.  She is our lead of productions for Salt Creek Apothecary, and works as a fish biologist for the Yakima Nations.  With roots deep in the Pacific Northwest, she finds enjoyment as a botanical medicine-maker and herbalist.  Find out about our seasonal wellness kits, find wildcrafted products, and browse our website.

Jayme MacCallum, LMP


 Jayme is a licensed massage therapist, working under the umbrella of Mission Health & Wellness.  She brings her expertise of medical massage to round out treatment plans, focusing on sports injury, deep tissue, and stretching techniques.  Schedule online or call our office at (509) 885-2664 

Hali Fiano, Movement Therapist


 Hali has extensive training in Pilates, Kinstretch, and movement rehab specialties.  With a lifelong interest in healing and growth, she has continued her education with Pilates as a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist and Certified Kinstretch Instructor.  She has worked with Integrative Manual Physical Therapy and enjoys working with range of motion and functional movement.

Angelyn Sheppard LMP


 In 2012 Angelyn graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. She deepened her studies for 2 years of additional training at PsycoEnergetics, a style of mind body process facilitation. 

Combining her education, love of horses and desire to be of service to her clients. Angelyn also provides Equine Assisted Personal Growth & Development Services for adults and children.  Insurance accepted.

Karin Jorgensen


Karin runs our front of house operations, everything from scheduling to patient coordination.  She has a passion for health and wellness, and is always looking to expand her understanding of nutrition, movement, and overall wellbeing.

Nikki Fritz


Nikki is our beloved office manager, taking care of all the mayhem behind the scenes.  You will see her behind the desk working and organizing in order for all three sister businesses to function properly; everything from workshop productions to our internal human resources.